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HAFLONG - The Hills of Assam Beckon


HAFLONG – The Hills of Assam Beckon

Haflong is a terrain of scenic beauty and natural charm. The region is associated with the locals as White Ant Hillock, and beckons with its undulating hills and valleys, and fetching panoramas. Situated at a remote distance of about 200miles from Guwahati, the Assam’s only Hill Station, Haflong sits at an altitude of 2230 ft above the sea level, making the climate here pleasant for most of the year.

Once you make it to Haflong, you’ll feel a distinct colonial air surrounding the atmosphere, alluring its architectural topography. You’ll find much of the buzz is around the Haflong lake, which is in the centre of the city which happened to be one of the largest water foundations in Assam. It is a popular location among nature lovers, especially trekkers and camping enthusiasts, Haflong also offers events for adventure sports such as paragliding. If you want a simple kick back and spread out in this charming corner of Assam, you’ll find numerous lakeside day resorts here waiting for you.

The terrain is also known for its orchids. A visit to any of the orchid gardens here offers a very appealing outing. Most visitors to Haflong execute the trip to Jatinga, situated on a spur of the Haflong ridge. Jatinga is a popular birdwatching point and for aeons has also been kenned for the phenomenon of bird ‘suicides’ also known as the Jatinga mystery. Lately, local authorities and ornithologists have been working to restrain the tradition of locals birds luring at night with high-power searchlights, causing them to hurtle to death. Keen birdwatchers may like to stay in Jatinga after receiving their permits from the Haflong District Forestry office.

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