In today’s society, nonprofits need marketing just as much as for-profit businesses do — at least if they want to stand out to donors, increase funding and keep providing specialized services …read more

Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

No potential donor gives to a cause he or she hasn’t heard of, and that’s where nonprofit marketing comes into play. It spreads the word about a cause so people who can get involved are motivated to participate. Likewise, even donors who already are on board will need to understand why a specific nonprofit matters. They need to hear about — or from — the organization often to help keep tabs on their desire to contribute. With the industry’s increasing competition for funds, it’s more important than ever for charities and nonprofits to strategically implement nonprofit marketing services to promote their brands …read more

For nonprofits that are looking to expand their visibility and scope of influence, here are a few marketing tips worth implementing. The keys to an Effective Nonprofit Marketing:

One of the hardest parts of any marketing campaign is also one of the most foundational, knowing what makes a specific organization stand out — and in the case of nonprofits, clearly communicating that through various nonprofit marketing services …read more

Regularly interacting with potential donors, volunteers and other supporters is vital to staying in front of mind and encouraging more funding and support. A nonprofit marketing company can help an organization develop a comprehensive strategy for …read more

A Strong Website

In today’s Internet-driven world, responsive web design — one that performs consistently across desktops, laptops and mobile devices — is basically a given for attracting prospects. When someone searches for an organization that’s …read more

Content Marketing Strategy
Content marketing is hot today, and with good reason. For brands looking to keep donors up to date, forge new relationships and achieve specific goals, content marketing offers a fantastic resource. A professional nonprofit marketing company can help …read more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an effective method of attracting donors and volunteers — provided your nonprofit SEO company creates an effective strategy and follows through with meticulous execution …read more

Web Design

There’s no shortage of charities and nonprofits available in the marketplace today. Before donors decide where to give, they need a compelling argument for why to choose your organization. For many potential donors, the first time they’ll interact is …read more

Email Marketing

While email marketing is often viewed as a tool for businesses looking to pad their bottom lines, it can also be useful for those organizations where profit isn’t the goal. It can help you …read more


A Google Grant is essentially free advertising. If approved, your organization can be granted up to $10,000 per month in free pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google Search …read more

When it comes to marketing strategy for nonprofits, the help of a dedicated nonprofit marketing firm is crucial for being able to focus efforts on what works. Using research, analysis, and data from the industry, a nonprofit marketing agency can guide an organization to the best combination of services for achieving its goals. To learn more about marketing for nonprofits…

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